About the Berkeley Cybersalon

When: Whenever Sylvia feels like it (Contact her if you have an idea)
Time: 5 - 7pm
Where: The Hillside Club, Berkeley
Cost: $5 at the door.
Location: Map
The Berkeley Cybersalon is an open forum about the impact of technology on culture. We started in 1994 – when a mere 25 percent of Americans had a home computer -- with topics that veered from sheer skepticism (“Will computers make us crazy?”) to evangelical fervor (“Can computers save our education system?”).

Today, the Internet is ubiquitous, but the essential issue remains the same: how do we tame this beast so as to best manage the creative destruction it’s capable of spawning? The possibilities for either improving our lives or destroying our culture, or doing both, comes up whatever the topic: “Asperger’s: the Geek Syndrome” with Philip Rosedale, founder and CEO of Second Life, to the future of libraries, personal relationships, music, television, and print media with pioneers in technology and media such as Dan Gillmor, Dave Winer, Jaron Lanier, Ellen Ullman, Scott Rosenberg, Joan Blades, the founders of Blogher (Elisa Camahort, Jory des Jardin, and Lisa Stone), Jeff Ubois, and Eric Allman.

The Berkeley Cybersalon usually takes place at the Hillside Club in Berkeley (hillsideclub.org). Admission, which includes light refreshments, is $5 at the door, and we are wheelchair accessible, a short walk from downtown Berkeley BART, and bicycle friendly.

To join the mailing list for notices of upcoming Cybersalons, click here. If you’d like to propose a topic, a speaker, make suggestions, or sponsor one of our events, email me at whoisylvia@aol.com.